Cricket World Cup 2023: Explore The Excitement of Betting

One of the most-awaited events in international cricket, the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, is currently underway. The mega event, hosted by India solely this time, is getting massive viewership both on-field and over live-streaming. Cricket fans worldwide have already chosen their favourites for the tournament, having predicted which team will lift the World Cup trophy on November 19th.

The Indian team, Australia, and South Africa remain dominant forces in the ongoing bet on World Cup 2023, while the rest are trying to join them as potential semifinalists. Whether on the field, watching the action up close or sitting at home in front of your TV with friends, the excitement must be high. You can feel the thrill outside the field, too, with online cricket betting!

Read the comprehensive online betting guide below to make the most of the Cricket World Cup betting!

Guide on Cricket World Cup Betting

Your experience of online cricket betting can be as effortless as it can be smooth. The aim is to help you get all the information, place calculated bets, apply the correct strategies, and win big. Here’s how you can do that:

Find the Best Betting Platform

The very first step towards successful online cricket betting is to find the perfect platform, like Fun88. The platform should hold a valid licence and operate under proper regulations. It should create a safe and secure space where bettors can share their details, deposit money, and enjoy betting.

Another important feature is the interface. A user-friendly, easy-to-navigate website is a must in today’s time, where everything is a few clicks away. Having a mobile app is a bonus as mobile betting is becoming more and more preferable due to its convenience.

Complete Registration and Verification

When you enter a platform to bet on World Cup 2023, registration will be required. You can easily find a button or option for registration or sign-up on the home page. A click on it will show you the registration form. You must enter details like your mobile number and email address, set up a username and password, provide the required documentation, and complete the verification. After that, you can log in and bet on your favourite players and teams.

Make Deposits

Making the first deposit is a crucial step before you bet on the World Cup 2023. The deposit option will allow you to use payment gateways like bank transfers, UPI, eWallets, debit cards, and credit cards. There can be a minimum and maximum deposit requirement. Things get more exciting here with the welcome bonuses. You can avail of a welcome bonus or first deposit bonus by claiming offers available in the promotion section.

Place Bets

After completing all the formalities, the actual fun of online cricket betting starts. Find the cricket betting option. It should be under the sports section. Next, select the option to bet on World Cup 2023. The screen will show you the list of matches going live and those scheduled in the upcoming days. Pick your option, decide on the betting amount, pay, and wait for the result.

There are certain factors that you should know about before you place the winning bets:

Betting Types

Here Are the Common Betting Types

Single Bets: Here, you place one bet, which is probably the safest option.

Accumulator Bets: It is one of the most popular bets where you can place multiple bets in a single wager.

In-play Bets: You place your bets on live matches.

System Bets: It is a mix of multiple accumulator bets that will enable you to win at least some bets, even if you lose a few.

Betting Odds

Cricket betting odds indicate the chances of an event occurring. The two most popular betting odds are:

Fractional Betting Odds: You will see two digits on two columns with a slash. The number on the left shows the units you can win against the amount you bet, as shown in the right column. Suppose the odds are 3/1. It means you can win three units against every unit you place.

Decimal Betting Odds: Suppose the odd is 1.55. Divide one by the odds, and you will have the winning percentage (1/1.55 = 0.64516129032 = 64.51%).

Enjoy Prizes and Withdraw Money

Once you have decided and placed your bets, wait for the results. You can see the result in real time on your selected platform. Some betting apps send notifications with the result and transfer the winning amount immediately to the specified account. The processing time can be up to a few working days; it varies from one betting site to the other. The withdrawal procedure can also differ based on the site you choose to bet on World Cup 2023.


When you decide to bet on World Cup 2023, the matches will become even more adventurous for you. By selecting the online cricket betting site, utilising betting tips from experienced bettors, and making a strong betting strategy, you can take big prizes home.

Visit the Fun88 website or download the app, which is available in both Andriod and iOS variations, and make this Cricket World Cup a memorable one.

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