Coaches who did not conquer the EPL

If a coach is fired, it does not mean he is a complete loser. For the significant English soccer league, firing is the norm. Here they did not let Mauricio Pochettino work till the end of his contract, who, with a bit of spending on new players, was able to turn Tottenham from an average club into a grand. Many times José Mourinho has been fired. On ibet789, users can try to predict which coach will be fired next. However, sometimes great coaches have had a bad debut in the EPL from the word go. They were told to quit after the first disappointing results. Let’s remember the most famous names.

Manchester United and Louis van Gaal

The Dutch specialist joined the Red Devils in 2014 to replace David Moyes, who had been fired for poor results. Louis van Gaal had won the Dutch, Spanish, and German national championships. All these tournaments are presented in the ibet 789 line with decent odds. Everyone will be able to cheer for their favorite club, trying to predict the results of the following matches simultaneously.

Many fans saw a savior in van Gaal – someone who could restore the Manchester club’s former glory. However, van Gaal’s arrival cannot be called a success. He managed to win with the team only 52% of all matches. At the end of the season, the club finished in 4th place, and in the 2015/2016 season, the team performed even worse. Therefore, no one was surprised that the Dutchman was fired on May 23, 2016.

Tottenham and Juande Ramos

The peak of the Spanish coach’s career came at Sevilla. With this club, he managed to win the UEFA Cup several times. The success of Juande Ramos has been echoed in London. In 2007, the specialist was offered a contract by Tottenham. At that time, the club was in the relegation zone. The coach managed to remedy the situation slightly. The team was able to rise to the top of the table and even win the League Cup. However, it was only a blip. In October 2008, the Spaniard was dismissed, and Harry Redknapp was appointed. The most convenient way to follow the current success of Tottenham is through the ibet789 app – to access the line and the odds, it is just necessary to have a smartphone and mobile Internet at hand.

The failures of the following coaches also cannot be ignored:

  1. André Villas-Boas. He joined Chelsea in 2011 and was fired in the winter of 2012 because of a series of defeats and strange tactical decisions.


 2.  Frank de Boer. He became the coach of Crystal Palace in June 2017. But already in September of that year, he was fired. In the first four games in the league, the club failed to distinguish itself at least once at the opponent’s gate. It is a new anti-record.

Despite regular firings, the EPL remains one of the most attractive for players and coaches. Users can bet on almost any event in this league on ibet789, and the convenient app allows them to play without restrictions.

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