Can Online Gaming Help You Become a Better Entrepreneur? 

Online gaming has been a lucrative thing that nowadays people are loving way too much. With the rise and aftermath of COVID-19, millions of people have already been a part of this interesting and fun world. However, where many of you still may find it as a distraction from the day-to-day realities of life, you need to know why millions of others still love it that much. The answer is simple: gaming with socialising opportunities, engaging challenges, and big rewards come with many other benefits. Yes, you read it right! There’s a lot more than simply being entertained. 

Even nowadays, sports players and entrepreneurs favour participating in online games due to their immense value. Today, in our post, we will shed some light on the fact that “Do games online really make you a better entrepreneur?” So let’s get ahead with this. 


What makes the most successful tycoons stand out from their less successful competitors? Well, it is none other than the strength of character and confidence. Notwithstanding all the possible challenges, they, too, had to face them all along the way; the only thing that all the roaring business magnets have in common is absolute perseverance. 

Without any doubt, all these are the skills that even online gaming can help you develop. A quick illustration is here to make things clear. Even the most renowned gamers worldwide can lose once. Now, this simply means they will sit back and relax; instead, they will start over again. This is all attainable when they preserve and plan to get ahead with the challenging levels of gaming. Therefore, making progress and receiving rewards with every attempt, even when they lapse anywhere in the game. 

For example, trusted online channels like blackjack Betway and other eSports have brought up overnight multi-millionaires like Jon Heywood with a world-record £13.3 million jackpots. Apparently, MPL in India has also got a dedicated winner across their eSports platform, named Ibakodor K Lynser, a Bengaluru resident, who has reportedly won more than Rs 1 lakh on the MPL platform. She is now a hero among the MPL gamer community and an inspiration for other women gamers.

Chances could be that you may have had a charming sprint so far. Still, odds will always be there, and you might end up losing at a point. The challenges get bigger with time, from increasingly complex tasks to tougher bosses. That is the same in the business world too! The more you participate and practice, the more goals you hit and receive the growth targets. So why don’t you challenge your skills with gaming in this ever-growing century? 


Comparing the modern online gaming world with these outdated console games of the 80s and 90s has often successfully stood up as a tremendous team affair. They can foster your leadership skills as you participate every time. According to a research study held by two scholars of St Petersburg University in 2017, eSports and brainstorming games have a considerable potential to promote leadership development, even in non-habitual participants. 


Another aspect that every emerging or successful entrepreneur highly favours is a competitive advantage. Typically, it is all about establishing a stable position in the marketplace while having that edge over your competitors. There are several mindsports like Poker, Roulette, and Chess that are well known for enhancing the competitiveness of your nature. In simple words, online mindsports and games will ideally flex your mental muscle, allowing you to ramp up your critical thinking skills. 

Did you know? The game Poker is often weighed up with stock markets. Well, there’s a valid reason behind this! Why thousands of renowned poker players have been successful on Wall Street. Even the famous songwriter and entrepreneur, Kenny Rogers, said, “You’ve gotta know when to hold ‘em when to fold ‘em.” 

Another example of long-established online gaming and trains the brain is chess. Yes, you read it right! This game definitely demands an accumulation of visualisation, strategy, and knowledge at every move. It won’t be surprising to say that chess players are known for their systematic approach to decision-making. They anticipate one or two moves, visualising the whole chessboard. Hence, anticipating the possibilities lead to winning. 

Well, we won’t ask you to be Garry Kasparov to enjoy the benefits of applying strategy in the chess game online or either to run your business. Instead, simply have an approach to risk management that helps you determine steps that are worth trying every time you think of business development. 

Do you also participate in any online games or esports challenges that help develop leadership, organisational, tenacity, purpose, self-control, problem-solving, and exceptional group management skills? If yes, we’d love to hear your experiences in the comments section. 



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