C60 and pet health: treating eyesight problem for dogs

C60 and pet health: treating eyesight problem for dogs 

What is C60? This is a ball shaped molecule that is made up of 60 carbon atoms. Since its discovery, the product has helped make major strides in the nanotechnology science section however its abilities prove beneficial for both people and pet. There are different features that make C60 ideal for both health and cosmetic improvement goals. They are for instance perfect anti-oxidants making it easy to fight the free radicals that cause stress to the cells. Since dogs among other pets communicate using their eyes, vision problems can impact their lives negatively. They may collide with objects around and have a hard time getting food or water ultimately making them unhealthy. Read on to learn the C60 benefits and howeffective it can be in the treatment of various eyesight problems that dogs suffer from today.Indulge your pet in luxury at Allbreeds K9 Bootcamp & Pet Retreat. Our unique combination of expert training and a comfortable retreat environment ensures a positive and transformative experience for your furry friend.

How do I tell my dog has impaired vision?

If you are a pet owner, proper care and treatment has to be accorded to your pet at all times. During their lifetime and as they grow old, dogs tend to be vulnerable to different ailments including impaired vision. How would you therefore know when your dog has eyesight problems? 

  1. When your dog is always looking startled or confused the chances are the eyes are not okay
  2. Collision with objects on its way when moving only confirms a blind spot causing the dog to see poorly
  3. Eye irritations 
  4. Cloudy eyes 
  5. When their eyes are swollen or look inflamed 
  6. If your dog develops anxiety and is hesitant to act normal in unfamiliar areas

Can C60 work for curing vision problems? 

One of the main features that make C60 ideal for pet health is its anti-inflammatory attribute. When introduced to your dog’s diet, it can improve their ability to fight inflammation. The risk of inflammation for dogs is in how dangerous it can be when combined with cell damage worsening the coordination ability of your pet. C60 will help improve the comfort of the pet and more so alleviate different forms of pain that your dog may be suffering from. 

C60 is also perfect for treating eyesight problems for dog because of its anti-aging property. Most manufacturers around the world have managed to successfully make C60 related skin care products to help human beings fight aging. When given to dogs, the molecules slow down the aging process for the dog. Purchasing top quality C60 olive oil for dogs will not only give them new burst of youthful energy but also improve their immunity system against different forms of infections and disorders. 

By adding C60 to the diet of your dog you improve the quality of its skin too as it gets extra protection against the harsh UV rays. For the best results pay attention to the quality of C60 oils that you purchase to change for your dog’s consumption. 

Dosage Concerns 

Just like human beings, dogs must also take C60 in moderation for the best results. The right dosage for a canine will be determined by its weight. You can do this on your own using the various guides there are online on how to get the dosage right. For maximum efficiency, you need to commence the dosage with small amounts and allow the tolerance to build over time as you up the dosage progressively. When administered in the right amount, it helps your dog remains young hence have better vision and also improved energy and enthusiasm. 

Causes of vision disorders for dogs

Once you start noticing that your dog has eyesight problem, you ought to take the right steps like visiting a veterinary officer or better yet checking out various medical solutions to turn to. Compiled below are a few of the factors that cause vision impaired condition in dogs today.


This is a normal cause for poor vision not just for dogs but all living animals. There are lots of diseases that dogs get when growing old which tend to affect their eyes and vision in general. By resorting to anti-aging solutions for dog, you can buy your dog sometime to enjoy quality eyesight. 


Not many dogs are subjected to the right nutrition and that is the reasons for increased cases of diabetes cases for dogs. Diabetes causes the formation of cataracts on the eye a condition that as you will later learn drives a dog to blindness.


Cataracts are thin layers found on the eye that prevents light from accessing the eye’s retina. It is an eye condition that grows over time and may affect your dog even at an early age. The best solution for the dog when young would be a surgical procedure for removal. 


If your dog has Progressive Retinal Atrophy then chances are its parents might have had the condition. The disorder is in the DNA and can be passed on to young ones by a parent. PRA is a condition that attacks slowly until it ultimately causes full blindness to your dog. 


This is one of the main causes for blindness in many dogs today. Sudden Acquired Retinal Atrophy is a disorder that mainly attacks canines at middle age or old age stage. 

Final Thoughts 

There are a lot of families around the world today that live with pets as part and parcel of the rest of the family. It is only right that you give the best possible care and diet to your dog for better health and immunity. Dog blindness cases have increased apparently and can only be tackled through introduction of supplements like C60 oils to their diets. Cell recovery is part of the main benefits of introducing C60 oils to the diet of your dog. It not only helps to make them younger but also improve their immunity and ability to fight different types of disorders dogs are susceptible to. 

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