Betting on basketball on individual halves

The structure of a basketball match has separate segments that are predicted by bettors. And bookmakers give more favorable odds on this than the forecast for the whole match. It’s all about complexity. For example, you want to perform betting on basketball exactly on half of the match. It makes no difference whether it is the first or the second. You have 24 minutes of pure game time. During this period, the team must score the right number of points, get a head start on the opponent. Both teams must break the total.  There is almost no margin for error, but these bets cause interest and excitement among bettors.


To learn how to predict such bets successfully, you need to make a few trial attempts first. Log in with your account on all platforms, replenish your balance and go to the basketball section. If you do not have an account yet, it is not very difficult and time-consuming to create one. Especially if you are an adult user, have your own bank card or other payment instrument.

Betting on individual halves in basketball matches

It all depends on which format of betting on halves in basketball you are interested in. If you just want to guess the point total, both individual and team points, then look for matches of teams that are able to start playing powerfully from the first minutes. Usually, these are young teams with rookies who have a goal for the season, not to make the playoffs, but to play well. Betting on individual halves in basketball matches with a total in this situation often wins. If you want to find an aggregate total, look for two such teams or teams with a particularly strong offense.

A win in the first or second half should be predicted if you have found a certain peculiarity in the team’s performance during the season:

1. There are some teams that start matches poorly, but often score a lot of tries. In this case you should bet on a win in the second half.
2. You can immediately bet against the favorite in such a match, determining the defeat in the first half. The odds can be very high.
3. Often inexperienced teams with few veterans win in the first half and lose afterwards. Look for such teams.

There are also more extreme bets, namely on quarters, but there are only 12 minutes for the realization of the forecast. Therefore, such lines are not too common, as bettors rarely predict a single quarter. If you plan to bet on live, then take into account that some options for predictions may be removed. Better use the mobile application to quickly check the market.

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