Best Life Insurance Policies In India That You Must Look Out

Why is everyone rushing to buy life insurance? Find out here!


Covid 19 has spread like wildfire worldwide, and with no vaccination now available, the future appears to be bleak. COVID 19 has already affected over 6 million individuals worldwide in the last six months, and the figure is expected to rise dramatically.

The future is unpredictable, and anybody can get infected with this virus. During such unforeseeable circumstances, it is necessary to reconsider one’s insurance plans and the insurance coverage that these policies provide.

If a person does not have an insurance policy from a reputed life insurance company or does not have appropriate coverage in his current policy, he should consider purchasing another insurance policy.

In the middle of a crisis, these uncertainties underscored the importance of life insurance. During COVID-19, many individuals in the country were more interested in life insurance companies and began to observe how this financial product could be incredibly advantageous to policyholders.


The numerous advantages of life insurance enable people to deal with uncertainty in a variety of ways. There are several reasons why life insurance proved to be particularly significant during the epidemic, ranging from providing lump-sum payouts as part of the life cover to producing market-linked returns.

Best Life Insurance Policies In India That You Must Look Out!

If you are looking for life insurance policies from reputed life insurance companies to secure your family in this pandemic, here is a compilation:

1. Canara HSBC Oriental Bank Of Commerce – iSelect Star Term Plan

Canara HSBC Oriental Bank Of Commerce – iSelect Star Term Plan is an excellent plan that can assist you in overcoming life’s uncertainties. iSelect Star Term is an individual non-linked non-par pure risk premium life insurance plan that can be purchased online at low premium prices. This is a versatile term plan that allows you to tailor it to your lifestyle demands by providing a variety of coverage, premium payment, and benefit payout choices. The iSelect Star Term plan includes full life coverage but lets the select policyholder cover for a specified time.

The iSelect Star Term Plan is a popular term insurance plan that offers life insurance as well as terminal disease coverage. Furthermore, it protects against accidental death/disability. A policyholder might also choose to provide a regular income to their family in the event of their untimely death. The plan’s minimum entrance age is 18 years old, while the maximum age is 65 years old.

2. IndiaFirst Guaranteed Protection Plan

The IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed Protection Plan is a term insurance policy for individuals. This non-linked, non-participating protection plan is one of the greatest solutions an individual can choose to ensure their family’s financial security even if they are not present. The policy’s most vital feature is that it gives much-needed financial assistance to family members so that they do not have to compromise on their life objectives due to a lack of funds in the family’s event of the breadwinner’s death.

One of the most important features of the plan is that it includes coverage for terminal diseases. Furthermore, the policy has a minimum admission age of 18 years and a maximum entry age of 65 years.

3. Exide Elite Term Insurance Plan

Exide Life Elite Term Insurance is a pure protection plan that is not connected, individual, and non-participating. This is a one-of-a-kind term insurance policy that offers a large sum insured at a low cost. The Exide Life Elite Term Insurance plan offers a variety of death benefit payout choices, including Lump Sum, Family Income Payout, and Lump Sum plus Family Income Payout. This plan gives you the option of receiving a family income payment for 5 or 10 years. The Exide Life Elite Term Insurance plan also includes the option of extending the policy term by 5 or 10 years.

This plan is a must-have for all breadwinners to ensure the financial security of their families. It is specifically created as an income protection solution that assists you in building a corpus for a financially secure future for you and your family. Riders can be added to this plan to supplement the policy’s base coverage.

4. PNB MetLife Mera Term Plan Plus

The PNB MetLife Mera Term Plan Plus provides the most comprehensive financial security for you and your family. It is a single-person, non-linked, non-par, pure risk premium life insurance policy. The plan is well-known for its feasibility feature, which provides complete life coverage at a relatively low cost. What’s remarkable is that you may select them as well as many extra and cover enhancing choices.

The plan is adaptable to the needs of the insured, allowing them to stay protected for the rest of their lives (up to the age of 99) or pick a coverage period that suits them. PNB MetLife Mera Term Plan Plus relieves you of financial worries while also providing tax benefits following current tax rules.

5. Aditya Birla DigiShield Plan

ABSLI DigiShield is a pure risk term insurance plan that is not connected. This plan provides financial protection to the life assureds’ family members in the event of the life assureds’ untimely death. This term plan’s several plan options aid in customising your plan based on your needs and budget.

The ABSLI DigiShield plan includes a terminal illness cover that can help provide financial assistance if the life assured is diagnosed with a terminal disease during the policy term. This plan provides numerous death benefit payment alternatives from which to pick based on one’s needs.

6. Bajaj Allianz iSecure Plan

The Bajaj Allianz iSecure Term plan is non-linked and non-participating. iSecure is an excellent security plan appropriate for individuals who want to ensure the financial future of their loved ones even when they are not around. This regular and restricted premium level cover, pure risk premium plan assures that your family’s financial demands are addressed even if you are not present to meet them. The policy provides life insurance at a reasonable premium price and allows you to receive the death benefit in installments.

The Bajaj Allianz iSecure term insurance plan has a maximum maturity age of 85 years, a minimum entrance age of 18 years, and a maximum entry age of 65 years. The plan, which is easily accessible online, provides complete coverage.

Wrapping It Up


The pandemic is not just a health concern, but it is also a financially difficult moment. While the effects of Covid-19 vary from person to person, the treatment can be costly for the majority of individuals.


This demonstrates the importance of life insurance in the context of COVID-19. Regardless of which life insurance company you choose, you will only benefit in various ways. Before you pick a plan to acquire appropriate life insurance for yourself and your family, remember to utilise a life insurance calculator.


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