Baccarat Card Counting: Tips and Tricks

Some players want to know how they can make card counting right in the betting process: although counting is often used in blackjack, some users try it in baccarat as well. The main feature of card analysis is the prediction of how many cards are left in the round and what cards they can be. It is important to familiarize yourself with the basics since the feature of playing baccarat is slightly different from other games in the gambling industry.

How does card counting work in baccarat?

It is important to consider that card counting is not approved by most land-based casinos. But when we talk about online gambling, card counting is considered to be a good way to win. In fact, gambling clubs with live dealers have become a great platform for this. The rules of the scoring system are designed to be played with six or eight decks. When the game starts, the score is 0. Each card dealt to the player affects the score depending on its value, so you need to:

  • add +1 to the score when an ace, 2, or 3 appears;
  • add +2 to the score when 4 is dealt;
  • subtract -1 when 5, 7, or 8 are dealt;
  • subtract -2 when the 6 was dealt.

In this case, cards with a face value of 10, J, Q, and K are neutral. Then you need to divide the current score by the approximate number of decks left in the game. For example, with a score of 30 and 6 decks, it will be 30/6=5. As soon as the true score will be more than 15 and there are 6 or more decks in the game, it is worth switching from the banker’s bet directly to the player’s bet. To play with one deck, the true number should be more than 11. With each new deck, you will have to start all over again. This is the basis of all calculations, which will help you make profitable decisions in gambling rounds. You can use these tips playing in 9winz casino. You can find out more information about rates 9winz, bonuses, payment methods, and start to play Baccarat.

Why may counting cards not bring the desired result in baccarat?

Baccarat is considered the most profitable option for those who want to earn money thanks to online games. Card counting gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself in real money baccarat and make the rounds even more interesting. Under perfect conditions and if you strictly follow the rules and know, how to play baccarat, this system works and helps the player to gain an advantage over the casino.

However, card counting requires the use of an advanced strategy in order to win a little more money. Unfortunately, as a result, you can get not so big prizes to justify the time and effort that you have to put into the gambling session. For the small profit that you can get, you need to play for hours, and go through hundreds of hands before placing a successful bet. It is not advisable to engage in card counting with the idea that this is the only way to earn money. The best way to apply this technique is to have a good time with baccarat games.

Pros and cons of card counting in baccarat

Card counting in this game gives the player a chance to minimize the house edge, but it is a risky business. It takes a lot of practice to become a good player and some money to get started. The advantage of this technique is the fact that this approach leads to longer gaming sessions. Possibly this is the most fun way to play, in which users can better understand the features of the game.

To really get an edge over the house, you need to have +235 player combinations and -200 dealer hands. The perfect result also includes placing a bet only when the player has an edge and avoiding betting when there is none. By keeping accurate counts and placing bets only when the odds are right, a player can save over $1,000 per hour. The disadvantage of card analysis is that it takes a long time to learn this technique.

Is it worth it to count cards in baccarat?

Card counting in baccarat is a controversial decision. Some users find this a great way to earn money on their favorite game, while others find it a waste of time. It all depends on the personal preferences of players because it can be difficult to wait before you can place a profitable bet.

Moreover, card counting in baccarat should not take the main part in the betting process. It’s easy to count before placing a winning position: you only need +16 or higher to set a good player bet, or +15 or lower to choose a banker bet. However, counting up to these points will not help to completely overcome the advantage of the casino – it will only be possible to reduce this figure and slightly improve your chances.

Additional tips for winning the game

It should be understood that card counting is not the only solution for success in baccarat. You can use other guidelines to be also successful. First of all, it is advisable to bet on the banker – the option provides 98.94% return to the player (RTP). The online club takes a commission of 5% of the winning bank bets, while the rate of return is still high.

During the game, it is recommended to rely on bonuses: many gaming sites offer bonuses for the first deposit, which correspond to a percentage of the funds deposited. Additionally, you can register in the loyalty program in order to receive rewards from VIP players. The loyalty system allows you to earn points for each bet you make and spend these points on any privileges that the casino offers.

Gambling forces players to use various tricks to reduce the house edge. If you learn how to get good results in baccarat by counting cards, you can achieve good results. In the beginning, you don’t expect huge profits just relying on this technique. It is recommended to use several tactics to win in the long run.

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