A Guide to Choose the Perfect Leather Purse

Men, in general, accessorize a lot less than women. So whatever little they wear or carry speaks volumes of their taste and personality. While many may not realize this, the wallet they carry also makes an impression. And what better to make a style statement than a classy leather purse?

But apart from its aesthetic, a wallet should also be chosen based on its functionality. After all, you’ll be using the accessory daily for years. But how do you select the right one, with so many leather purse options available in the market?

The first step to choosing the right purse is identifying what you need to carry in it. Leather wallets have you covered whether you carry your whole world in your wallet or just a few basic requirements. Here are a few leather purse choices to choose from as per your requirement.

Minimalist Leather Purse

If you’re a minimalist, then a slim leather purse is the perfect fit for you. The handy wallet allows you to carry eight to ten cards apart from money, which should be quite enough for a minimalist. The best thing about slim wallets is that they fit easily into pockets of different clothing designs. 

This makes a slim wallet one of the most popular man wallet available in the market.

Minimalist purses are also versatile and comfortable to use. They do not appear bulgy in your pocket even when you carry a decent amount of money and card. Besides, they also foster easy access to identification documents whenever you need them. Some slim purses also come with a fitted zip to protect your valuables from getting lost.

Slim leather wallets come in varied colours and designs. You can pick out one according to your style.

Trifold Leather Purse

A trifold wallet is ideal for storing many items in their purse. It contains several compartments where you can keep your essentials vertically. The vertical design ensures they fit comfortably in your pocket despite their huge capacity.

With trifold wallets, men can carry much more than cash and cards. They have the extra space to hold photographs, identity documents, coins, keys, bills, and medication. Hence it makes sense to invest in a good leather trifold wallet.

However, trifold wallets can quickly get bulgy. This might cause you to feel uncomfortable sitting down if you carry your purse in the back pocket. Hence, men should regularly go through their content and remove unwanted items from their wallets.

A Cardholder Leather Wallet

In this digital age, we hardly carry cash on us. Most of our payments are made with cards or mobile phones. Due to this reason, many men are switching from wallets to leather cardholders.

Cardholder wallets have business cards, credit cards, and receipts compartments. It also has a middle case to fit your folded bills. These wallets enable men to organize their cards to be easily located.

Cardholder leather wallets are slim and comfortable, and you can easily carry them in your pockets without being noticed.

Colour of the Purse

When it comes to picking out a colour, go for one that complements your style. Again, think of your wardrobe and the colour you often wear. For example, if you prefer neutral colours, a brown man wallet may be perfect for you. But if you have a varied sense of style, better pick a colour that matches your belt.

For many, the choice of colour would also depend on their profession. For example, dark colours such as black, blue, green, or brown may be ideal corporate personnel. But if you’re in a creative field, you can experiment with more funky colours and styles.

Leather Quality

The quality of the leather is an important consideration while buying wallets. Good quality leather might cost on the higher side but also last considerably longer. Besides, they also get more refined with age and look even better.

But how do you identify good quality leather? Look at the label. If it says synthetic, it’s not genuine leather. Original leather has coarse surfaces, creases, and imperfections compared to ultra-smooth synthetic ones. You can also identify original leather from its smell.


Craftsmanship refers to the way the leather purse is made. A good craftsman pays attention to every minute detail to give your wallet a perfect finish. On the other hand, a poorly crafted wallet can easily overshadow the quality and design of your wallet. As a result, it will look cheap, no matter how much you spend on it. So also make craftsmanship a consideration while buying your wallet.


The perfect leather purse will match the functionality with the aesthetic. It’s best to compare different designs and qualities before settling for one. Your taste and preference have a lot to do with finding the best wallet.

However, if you’re not satisfied with the available ones in the market, you can request a customized wallet personalized to your taste and comfort.

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