5 Reasons Indians Love Playing skill-based Fantasy Games


The world of gaming has witnessed a drastic growth and gained immense popularity in India throughout the years and for just about all the right reasons. It has more and more players coming onboard to spend time playing their favorite skill-based fantasy games. 

such games are not just for whiling away time or paying the fool, but skill-based games do require players to have a set of skills that they will eventually end up using during the game. Hence, the challenging and authentic nature of these games have garnered a lot of love, popularity and liking. Mentioned below are 5 such reasons why skill-based gaming has drawn so much love from Indians and why it has become a popular choice of gaming. S

Read on to find out…:)

1. It is Completely Legal 

By now we all are pretty much aware of the fact that skill-based games have been legalised and are safe and legal to play in India. Likewise, even fantasy games are legal to be played too. Yet, the stigma of these games not being legal still haunts a lot of players and people in India since this has always been in the news or talk of the town. But Skill-based fantasy games such as Cricket, Football, Rummy Online and more are one hundred percent legal and completely safe and secure to be played and enjoyed. Even the rewards, tournaments, cashbacks, and bonus are completely legal and safe to win and claim. And ever since the Supreme Court of India has made these games legal, Indians have been drawn to these platforms more and more and why not? 

2. Drastic Improvement in Skills

Games, gaming, and its experience has evolved and how! From the UI UX to every experience the player gets is now far better than one could imagine. When it comes to fantasy games and online rummy cash games the experience has improved too. The enhancement in these games has witnessed a drastic growth and this is one reason why there has been an increment in players as well on these platforms. Both new as well as experienced players have always chosen to come onboard and play to their heart’s content. 

3. Brings Together & Connects People

We consider games to be a joke or some sort of a time pass because nobody really sees the true meaning of such games or knows the positives of gaming. Skill-based games, Fantasy games, Cash Game Rummy etc. do help hone a player’s individualism and skills. 


From improving intrapersonal skills to just getting some me time and relaxing, Fantasy Games also help people connect and bond. How? Because you get to meet like-minded people who prefer and appreciate similar things like you. Hence, these platforms do provide a sense of bonding that makes you want to visit the platform time and again. 

4. Experience of Role Playing 

The gaming industry and culture has come a long way and it is as real as it gets; These fantasy games have also retained their authenticity and mercified to be engaging and quite fruitful for all the players playing it. This also becomes a reason why Indian’s love playing skilled-based Fantasy Games. 


Of course, games like cash rummy and other fantasy games do require skill but they do help relieve stress and help distress one from no matter what they might be going through. And in such games, players get to participate and play a certain role with various players to lead the board or top the championship. This kind of in turn helps build an emotional rapport amongst players and people. 

5. Uses Gaming Skills to Win

It goes without saying that one must practice as much as he can before heading towards games and tournaments that involve cash as the stakes are high but playing online rummy games and fantasy games does give the players enough practice. This is because these games do not involve bots or mechanical players, but real players are playing from all across the world. Therefore, the satisfaction is real and the game results too. Players also get to brush up on their gaming skills as they play with various real players because they tend to learn new ways and methods while seeking their strategies and skills too. 


Skill-based games, Fantasy Games, Online Rummy, Cricket and more have always had more followers and players playing it. Not just that, there are always new ones joining the bandwagon. The thrill, excitement, winning, stakes and gaming experience is far better than most of the games available online or present in the market. For example, Indian Rummy comes with a bunch of games, tournaments and specials that involve a lot of skills and next level thrill that players can have a fill of. Download rummy app and enjoy gaming and gaming at your own convenience. 

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