With regards to live events, the greatest may not really be awesome.

Yet, probably the most popular – like Glastonbury or Woodstock – are well known for the nature of the demonstrations, yet in addition for their size.

The live concert industry is presently worth $3bn (£2.28bn) universally and keeps on developing, as per research by Festicket, which orchestrates tickets and convenience for live events.

Numerous celebrations feature the reality they are, by some definition, the biggest. So which one is?

As per record-attendants, it’s on an island in Austria.

Artist Dua Lipa performed at Donauinselfest in 2016. Donauinselfest, or the Danube Island Festival, routinely draws in multiple million celebration attendees. Participation across the three days came to 3.3 million out of 2015, procuring it the title of “biggest participation at a live performance”, as per Guinness World Records.

The record was checked by an expert specialist for Guinness.

The group behind the celebration was uninformed that it held the honor, telling the BBC in an email: “Goodness, we didn’t have a clue about that!!! You filled my heart with joy! Much thanks to you!”

Around 350,000 individuals are permitted on the celebration site – free of charge – at any one time, says Alex Khaelss-Khaelssberg, who works in media relations.It is set on a 4.5km-long part of an island in the Danube stream in Vienna, Austria.

Danube Island as of now considers itself Europe’s biggest outside free celebration – which it resolves involving a mix of including individuals, and assessing the size of the groups utilizing ethereal photography.

Guinness screens the standout in every classification thus doesn’t monitor second, third or fourth.

Which are a portion of the other biggest?

US vocalist Ceelo Green and artists hold up the Moroccan banner during Mawazine celebration in 2013. US vocalist CeeLo Green and artists with the Moroccan banner during Mawazine celebration in 2013

In the Moroccan capital, Rabat, multiple million individuals go to Mawazine consistently. It charges itself as uniting the best names in Arabic, African and global music for nine days of shows and shows. It began in 2001 under the support of the King of Morocco and the vast majority of the demonstrations are free. As per the British-based research consultancy CGA, Mawazine had a day to day limit in 2016 of 277,000 individuals.


Summerfest in the US territory of Wisconsin, laid out in 1968, was named by Guinness World Records as the “world’s biggest live concert” in 1999. Around 850,000 individuals go to a few days of music and this year it has acts including Arcade Fire and J. Cole.


Set in 900 sections of land wide open in England’s south-west, Glastonbury has its own specialty – the title of “the biggest green-field music and performing expressions celebration on the planet”. The principal manifestation in 1970 was a touch of frustration concerning numbers however – with participation at around 1,500. A ticket then, at that point, cost £1 (£15 in the present cash) – passage to the entire end of the week occasion in 2017 was about £230.

While that probably won’t sound too great, it merits thinking that practically with or without this city – from the construction of the Pyramid Stage – is transitory.

That is more than 100 unique stages in north of 30 regions across the site, including more than 3,300 latrines. To collect all of that and ensure everything moves along as expected for the five days ticket holders are nearby is a colossal undertaking.

“It’s just about a lasting through the year work,” says Sally Howell, who has coordinated the Croissant Neuf field at Glastonbury Festival for quite some time, addressing Betway online casino

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