Why you should stay away from cheap hosting

Web hosting is something that you can’t truly ignore if you want to have a website. Now there are thousands of companies that offer web hosting services. So how do you make the best decision is the important question? 

Lots of people frequently select the least expensive hosting they can find. However, they frequently come to regret their decision. More often than not, choosing cheap web hosting will end up costing more. Instead, it is better to choose a good provider even if the price is slightly higher than you would want to pay. Plus, you can always go to hostadvice to find discounts and promotion codes that will lower the price.

Anyways, here we are going to give you examples of why cheap hosting can, in fact, be more expensive. 

Disk space

The hosting plans that are available from these so-called price fighters can cost only a few dollars per month. These plans frequently come with 100 email accounts and the capacity to manage numerous databases. The mail you will receive at all of those email addresses will not fit within the paid bundle, but these companies do not tell you that.

Storage space 

The storage space provided by the packages is so little that it will fill up in a matter of seconds. Shortages in storage capacity can end up being very expensive or require an immediate, costly upgrade.

If your website is just a one-page business card, and you do not get a lot of mail, then a budget-friendly plan might be suitable for you.

Setup cost

Many web hosting companies really cash in from extra fees. These unforeseen expenses frequently involve necessary items, which will ultimately increase the price of your low-cost hosting plan. The first unforeseen expense might come immediately once you make your purchase. A lot of hosting providers charge setup fees to set up your package.

SSL certificate 

Another unforeseen expense is the SSL certificate. This certificate essentially attests to the trustworthiness of your website. Without this certificate, search engines, malware, and virus scanners will be able to deter users from visiting your website, which might cost you a lot of traffic. Additionally, a number of web browsers will warn potential customers that your website might not be secure to browse. This can result in a significant loss of earnings and money, especially if you use your website for sales.


Once you discover that your plan does not include free backups, it is going to be too late. If your website experiences failure, you will require a backup of your website, and if you do not have it the costs associated with this kind of problem could be very high.

Inferior hardware 

Running operations on cheap hardware is one approach for a web hosting provider to keep the cost of the hosting packages low. For instance, think about using HDD discs rather than SSD ones. A decision like that, though, is always made at the cost of your website’s functionality and speed.


For your website to be successful, speed is crucial. A website that loads quickly will appear higher in the search results. Additionally, your visitor expects your content to load quickly. 

Otherwise, they’ll most likely click away. Simply put, you want your site to operate on servers that utilize cutting-edge hardware.


Web hosting providers that give their clients minimal control over the layout and configuration of their own hosting plan can be a problem for users since it may cost them a large amount of money. With no control over your web hosting plan, you will be paying for features and services that you do not need, plus pay extra for the specific ones you require. 

Bad for the environment 

Many of the data centers that power low-cost web hosting plans appear to be unaware of global warming. They use a large amount of electricity to power their servers without any care about the environment.


Although cheap hosting may seem appealing at first, as you can tell by now, the reality is quite different. The chances of overpaying for resources down the road are rather high. So, if you actually want to save money, stay away from cheap hosting.

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