Why Do Players Love Rummy?

Card games are loved by every Indian. We all have seen our elders spend their free time during trips or Diwali parties with a deck of cards in hand. There are so many types of card games available online, but a few of them are more popular. One of those is Rummy.

This fun and intriguing card game has garnered more love than others and is all the rage right now.

A few reasons for that are the game is simple, exciting, and challenging at the same time. No matter whether you are a professional or new to the game, you will love the game to bits!

Types of Rummy

Traditionally, people of our country play the Indian Rummy card game with 13 cards. Although all of them have the same rules, there are more options that you can enjoy on gaming websites. Let’s look at the three basic Rummy games available online –

1. 13-card Rummy

This is the most basic type of Rummy that involves 13 cards. All the players have to create two sequences (one of them has to be a pure sequence). Whoever creates both sequences first is declared the winner.

2. Points Rummy

This is an Indian Rummy card game with 13 cards. It is where the players decide the rupee variant and play for points. A player will win the game by getting a 0 score. The losers will calculate the balance points that are in non-sets. The winner will win the cash prize based on the total points of the opponents calculated.

3. Deals Rummy

This 13-card game is where a fixed number of cards are given to every player. In the beginning, every player will get a fixed number of chips to play. After every round, the losing players will give chips to the winner, depending on the score. Once all the deals are over, the player with the highest chips will be declared the winner.

Apart from these classic choices, there are many more options available for you to play online –

Pool Rummy
Gin Rummy
Contract Rummy

Reasons Why Rummy is an All-time Favourite

So, now that we have learned various types of Rummy games let’s understand why it is hyped so much and appreciated by everyone –


Some games take so much time to understand. Whereas there are a few that take us back to the good old times. Indian Rummy card game is one such game that is widely popular. People are so used to this game that there has been a tremendous rise in online players. Even if you are new to the online gaming platform, there are so many existing players that you won’t find it hard to enjoy multiple rounds. There has been a quick increase in online Rummy, and it has worked in favour of gaming platforms.

Simple to Play and Learn

If you are wondering where to start, Rummy is one of the easiest choices for you. its simple rules and hours of entertainment make the game a favourite among online players. There is no room for doubts, and new players understand the game quickly. This is a game where you have to use reasoning skills and logic. With a few tricks and consistent practice, you’ll become a winner in no time!

Virtual Money

In the world of competition, there’s always a race to earn more money. If that money comes easy, there’s no harm in it. With online Rummy, you can bet and win some money easily. You can indulge in small cash games or big tournaments, depending on your skill set. Various authentic card game websites give you cash rewards.

Huge Global Database

The online card game has gained acceptance and wide popularity in a short span. The Indian market, especially for Rummy, has been increasing ever since. With a high global database of players, you can be sure that there’s authenticity, and you will always have players to compete with. At any given time of day, thousands of people play the game and win cash prizes.

Entertainment for Generations

Rummy creates a bridge between generations. It is a binding factor that brings you closer to your grandparents. Regardless of the family bonding, once you invite everyone for a game online, you will get to spend more time and strengthen the bond.

Play Online Rummy is Legal in India
Yes. Rummy falls into the category of skill-based games, not luck-based games, according to the Indian Supreme Court. It is therefore legal to play Rummy online for cash. Make sure to play card games on a trusted website like MobilityWare where you can try card games such as Solitaire , Freecell, Klondike, etc. where we have strong anti-fraud systems, genuine users, and instant withdrawal features.

In Conclusion,

The Indian card game industry has been growing and not stopping anytime soon. With responsible gaming, self-regulation, credibility, and transparency, this industry will observe steady progress.

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