Top Mobile Wallets to Store Ethereum

Cryptocurrencies are gradually being included in the real economy as an alternative means of payment. There are more and more places where you can buy the thing you like without first changing 0.3 ETH to USD.

This means that the farther, the more necessary a cryptocurrency wallet becomes, convenient for making frequent transactions and which is always at hand. Such as the usual wallet for cash or a credit card. For long-term storage of large amounts in them is not recommended for security reasons. Usually they are advised to use for small amounts for everyday purposes.

Of course, the analogy with a wallet is rather arbitrary. Unlike their physical ancestors, crypto wallets often do much more. In addition to the functions of storing, receiving and transferring digital coins, they can have built-in functions for the internal exchange of assets, staking and other useful services.

Strictly speaking, mobile crypto wallets are increasingly becoming cross-platform. That is, they additionally have a desktop or browser version, or both at once. myetherwallet

What can be a mobile wallet for cryptocurrency

We are all very different and everyone has their own vision of the perfect wallet. It is important for someone to have a vault for several different coins, someone will arrange a vault for one asset. It doesn’t matter to someone whether an internal exchange or an integrated exchange is available, someone actively uses them and will be delighted with the additional opportunity to create smart contracts.

The ideal vault for your coins is one that provides two opposite things: reliable protection and the freedom of circulation of digital money you need.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is only available in the mobile version. For most users, it is enough that it provides storage, reception and transfer of assets. More advanced users will appreciate the ability to directly access centralized and decentralized trading platforms. Moreover, Trust Wallet has built-in functionality for writing smart contracts.

Access keys are stored on the user device. Trust Wallet has a backup service. It is also important that this wallet has an open source code, which greatly simplifies the search for potential vulnerabilities and their preventive elimination.

Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is available for download and installation in mobile and desktop versions. It supports Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. It has built-in functionality for buying digital assets and staking.

In addition, the purchase of digital coins from credit cards is available. Atomic swaps and peer-to-peer trades help avoid intermediary fees. Access keys are stored on the user’s device.

Atomic Wallet does not integrate into hardware storages.


Edge uses client-side encryption to protect the user’s personal data. Since part of the crypto community considers it insecure to store login information on the user’s device, the development team has added two-factor authentication for greater security.

Edge users have direct access to several major crypto exchanges. Using Edge, you will be able to buy digital assets with a credit card, as well as purchase gift cards with crypto from some major platforms, in particular Amazon. However, it is not yet possible to exchange 0.03 eth to usd and withdraw fiat to a card directly from storage.


Exodus comes in desktop and mobile versions. It is considered one of the best wallets for beginners. An intuitive interface and quite numerous additional services make it much easier to get acquainted with the world of cryptography.

The Exodus team cooperates with several popular cryptocurrency exchanges. The result of such cooperation was the built-in functionality for cryptocurrency trading.

Exodus has a backup option. Access keys are stored on the user’s device, but the wallet does not have two-factor authentication.


This is another multi-platform crypto wallet with a mobile version. The development team claims that Guarda is equally useful for both novice users and experienced crypto investors and active traders. The wallet has an intuitive interface, and its functionality includes important additional services.

Guarda has a built-in digital coin exchange service that supports the purchase of digital coins with credit cards, staking and crypto lending. Integration with other cryptostores, including hardware ones, is possible.

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