The prolific Mark Viduka

Mark Viduka was a striker who could hold up play with his back to goal better than almost anyone out there. A true character of the game, he wasn’t just a physical presence on the pitch; the man had finesse, a touch that could make the ball stick to his feet like it was on a string. The 1 xbet is site for bet, and here you can also place wagers on Australian footballers too.

Let’s roll back the years and take a look at Viduka’s career by the numbers. Born in Melbourne to Croatian parents, Viduka made his professional debut at just 18 for Melbourne Knights, a club where he honed his skills early on. But it was his move to Europe that set his career into motion. In this part of the world he performed for teams like:

Dinamo Zagreb;
Leeds United;
and Newcastle United.

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A true Celtic and Leeds legend

But it was in the chilly climes of Scotland with Celtic where Viduka really started to get noticed. He scored 30 goals in his debut season. His prowess in front of goal helped Celtic to nab the Scottish League Cup, too. If you like Scottish football, you should know that 1xBet provides betting on football from that part of the world too.

Then the Premier League came calling, and Leeds United snagged him in 2000. Viduka had a knack for turning it up a notch in big games. For example, he scored a staggering 4 goals against none other than Liverpool. By the time his spell at Leeds ended, he’d notched up 59 goals in 130 appearances. That’s nearly a goal every two games in one of the toughest leagues in the world, no less. The 1xBet platform provides betting on English football too.

Other great moments as a professional footballer

He didn’t slow down after Leeds, either. Middlesbrough was next, and Viduka kept on doing what he did best: scoring goals. He added another 42 in 104 outings for Boro. Newcastle United was his final stop in the Premier League, and though injuries started to hamper his game, he still managed 7 in 26. The betting line from 1xBet site can be used today to wager on the Magpies too.

For the Socceroos, Australia’s national team, Viduka was a talisman. He captained the squad in that unforgettable 2006 World Cup run where they reached the last 16. Over his international career, he scored 11 times in 43 matches, which might not sound like a lot, but remember, he was often the guy setting up the plays, not just finishing them. The betting options from the 1xBet site are available through a great line where you can begin to have a lot of fun too. Overall, he retired in 2009, with 240 professional goals in 459 matches, which is not bad at all.

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