The defunct Central European International Cup

Currently, the most important football competition in Europe at international level is the UEFA Euro. However, between 1927 and 1960 there was another highly interesting competition that was disputed in this part of the world. Punters can now find live score football – 1xBet can be used to make the best in-play football wagers on the best matches throughout the world.

This competition saw many participants. Some examples were:

  • Hungary;
  • Yugoslavia;
  • Switzerland;
  • Italy;
  • and Czechoslovakia.

This competition had different formats throughout its existence. However, for most of the time it had a round-robin stage that even took a few years to complete. Punters can find live football scores on the 1xBet website, which can be used to make highly profitable in-play wagers.

Setting up the tournament and first winners

The tournament was played for the first time in 1927. It came after an idea proposed by Hugo Meisl, who is one of the most important coaches in the history of Austrian football. His idea eventually came into fruition, and saw the success of multiple football squads. The website can be used to wager on kabaddi, which can be as rewarding as wagering on football events.

The Italians were the first team to win the competition. In fact, they won two out of the first three editions of the championship. Other teams that also enjoyed success were Austria and Czechoslovakia. Both of them won the competition once, and also were the runners-up on two occasions. The 1xBet online bookmaker is an excellent place to wager on the best kabaddi and also football events from all over the world.

Fantastic players

The tournament saw incredible performances from great players who went on to become legends of their national squads. Many of them came from Hungary, who also won an edition of the competition. Some names that scored an impressive number of goals during the existence of this competition are György Sárosi and Ferenc Puskás. Punters can go and find a live basketball match – 1xBet is also full of football matches that can be wagered at any moment.

Other players who performed greatly came from places like Austria and Czechoslovakia. For example, the former had names like Karl Zischek and Leopold Kielholz as some of the top scorers of the competition. The latter saw incredible performances from František Svoboda and Josef Silný. As it can be seen, this was a prolific era for national teams of that part of the world. On 1xBet punters can find live basketball and football matches, which offer great opportunities for making pre-match and in-play wagers.

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