The Australian cricket Second XI

Australia is a cricket powerhouse for many reasons. One of them is because they have so many cricket competitions played in the country at any moment. The website can be visited at any moment by those who want to try their luck on those championships.

In addition to the huge tournaments like the Big Bash League, there is another championship that has gathered a lot of attention. It corresponds to the Second XI, which is also known as the Futures League. As its name implies, the championship focuses a lot on players with high potential. The idea is that they can have a competitive tournament where they can put their abilities to test. The matches of this competition are also available at the 1xBet platform to wager on.

History of this competition

The competition saw their first edition in 2009. It started as an initiative from many major Australian cricket squads who wanted to have a competitive championship for its younger players. Usually, while those players were highly talented, they were still very young for playing in the senior leagues. It is possible to make Australia and India bet cricket – features matches from these countries and everywhere else.

That’s how the Second XI came to be. Also, the idea was to make it as competitive and flexible as possible. For this reason, two formats were established. Right now it is played on Twenty20 and 4-day formats. All of this makes the tournament highly attractive for fans of different forms of the game. The 1xBet India website accepts cricket bets on all these excellent competitions.

Since the creation of the Second XI, the senior Australian cricket teams have benefited from the competitive games that their youngsters now enjoy. This has made them more competitive teams when facing overseas opposition.

Participant teams

The squads that take part in the Second XI come from many places across Australia. Of course, it is possible to visit in order to place wagers on all of them. Some of the squads that try to claim this trophy in every season include:

  • Cricket Australia Centre of Excellence;
  • Western Australia U-23s;
  • ACT/NSW Country;
  • Queensland U-23s;
  • and Victoria U-23s.

The Queensland team has been the most successful one in the 4-day format of the competition. Also, when it comes to the Twenty20 format of the game, the Victoria squad is the most competitive team. This means that wagering on any of those teams at the amazing 1xBet betting platform can certainly be an excellent choice.

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