How to get a virtual number to register on the Internet

Nowadays, most apps and online services require you to confirm your phone number when you sign up. Although this procedure is very positive for the security of your account, many users are dissatisfied with this innovation. There are situations where users simply don’t want to give out their personal phone number and there is no other option for registration. There are also situations where you need to create another profile on the same site, but your number is already in use.

Usually everyone has no more than two SIM cards with them. If you have already registered an account with your phone number before, you may have problems registering a second account. What to do? Run out to get a new SIM card, buy another smartphone or give up the idea of registering at all? Take your time, there is a much simpler way – a virtual phone number for SMS.

What is virtual number for registration, and what are its benefits?

A virtual number to register is one of the services associated with IP telephony. These additional internet telephone numbers may be required in many cases, but are most commonly used for account verification and similar tasks. When it is not possible to register two or more accounts with a single phone number on a social network or similar platform, this service becomes relevant. As in cases where a website user simply does not want to enter their details, phone number etc. For example, when registering on a dating site.

Benefits of virtual numbers for online registrations

Advantages of virtual numbers as compared to physical SIM cards are as follows:

Lack of geographical reference. You should not forget the ease of obtaining a foreign phone number. A virtual phone number is not tied to your current location, so you can get a phone number in any country.
Opportunity to save money. Buying a virtual number is cheaper than purchasing a traditional SIM card. This is considered a key aspect for most users who require multiple phone numbers.
The ability to remain anonymous. Do you want to remain incognito and not publish your details on the Internet? This is also one of the major advantages of a virtual phone number. Of course, you can also buy a mobile phone anonymously linked to a sim card, but this requires effort and is illegal in most countries.
Quick to get. The whole process of buying a virtual number will only take you a couple of minutes, unlike registering a new simcard where the purchase process may take hours. This is especially convenient when you need to create mass registration of accounts.
Availability. There are no restrictions on buying temporary numbers. The security service does not pay much attention to such accounts when registering with the services. As for getting a simcard without providing personal data, it may raise questions from the authorities.

Instructions for obtaining a virtual number to register

We will use SMS-man to get a virtual phone number. This is one of the most famous services for SMS verification in english-speaking online space, which has an impressive database of phones of different countries and services. Below you will find a step-by-step instruction:

1. Go to SMS-man website and login or register – you will only need your email address.
2. Then click on the ‘Top up’ button. You can recharge your account by any of the listed methods, which will be convenient for you.
3. On the main page choose the desired country of mobile operator.
4. After find service where you need to pass registration and just click near chosen service “Buy”.
5. After this virtual number will be automatically added to your personal cabinet. Now you just need to use it to register for the selected service and receive SMS on it.

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