Give Your Eyes 100% Protection with These 5Rectangle Sunglasses

The sharp, sleek, and futuristic aesthetic is one that has been effortlessly embodied by rectangle sunglasses since the late 90s. The elongated look that widens the face and makes your features stand out is also effective at giving you the best sun protection whenever you are outdoors. Leaving behind the standard designs that were restricted to wired frames and black lenses, modern eyewear offers much more diverse range of rectangle sunglasses for you to choose from.

Since the detrimental effects of prolonged sun exposure on your eyes are well known, most sunglasses do not offer 100% protection as they might claim. Therefore, you need to browse eyewear collections and reliable brands that promise complete UV filtering. The shape of lenses is also an important factor to keep in mind if you want to protect the skin around your eyes as well for maximum coverage. Rectangle sunglasses are a great choice if you are looking for 100% protection, and these options below will make sure you look stylish while staying protected from the sun this season.

Gangster Chic

Rectangle sunglasses are versatile for every occasion and aesthetic, and these sepia-toned sunglasses are sure to transform you into a head-turner wherever you go. The sunglasses are lightweight and durable to their metal make, and the contrast with the brown lenses makes for a unique silhouette. These glasses are best paired with trendy streetwear and casual ensembles for the summer. Therefore, these glasses can be a nice vintage touch to your outfit for a timeless look.

The Urban Roadie


The blocky, thick frames reimagined in rectangle sunglasses have made countless appearances across fashion spreads and magazines because of how stylish and chic they are. The large lenses double-down on UV protection due to complete coverage and the dark lenses. The arms of the glasses have a tapering effect which can make your face look narrower and slimmer. The fit of these glasses is made to give you a blocky silhouette which maximizes the futuristic aesthetic in the most subtle and effective way possible.

Eternal 90s

The 90s look is one that has captivated the new generation with its clean and sharp edges, and these rectangle sunglasses were arguably the most famous design sported at the time. From movie stars to athletes, these rectangle glasses were the perfect accessory to the monochrome looks and oversized business suits. While the flowing, monochromatic looks may have been left in the 90s, this classic piece of wired and light eyewear in rectangle sunglasses mens is one that has refused to leave the public’s eye just yet.

New Age Cyberpunk

While the 90s or the Gangster aesthetic may seem more widespread and approachable, the ‘cyberpunk’ look is one that has also struck the fancy of those who love to push the boundaries of their personal fashion. These rectangle sunglasses are the ideal choice for people concerned about complete UV protection due to their mirrored lenses, a feature often seen in eyewear sported by cricketers and adventure sports athletes. When incorporated into street style, however, it gives the perfect cyberpunk look that you may be looking for.

Aerodynamic Oakleys

These Oakley rectangle sunglasses mens are another example of fine-tuned eyewear that needs no improvement. These rectangle glasses are perfect as they are, and their snug aerodynamic fit can make you feel like you are ready to take on the world. Born to fit cyclists who blaze through the wind, you can also sport these rectangle sunglasses if you cycle as well, but they work just as well as a striking accessory meant to make heads turn.

The aforementioned range of rectangle sunglasses is one of the best selections you can make a 100% UV-protected pick from. Rectangle sunglasses mens are meant to be the ideal way to add that sleek and chic aura to your looks. Therefore it is important that you invest in the premium ranges of eyewear with brands like Titan Eyewear who offer the right mix of fashion and function, all at once.

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