Food Trail: Must-Try Dishes at Highway Eateries Between Mumbai and Pune

Delicious food is served by several roadside restaurants along the Mumbai-Pune highway, which has become an essential part of the journey. Finding hidden treasures is the whole point of road trips, and what better approach to achieve this than to savour the regional cuisine along the way? Whether you’re behind the wheel yourself or exploring the route in a tempo traveller for rent in Mumbai, this food trail promises to tantalise your taste buds and create lasting memories.

Foodie Stops on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Taking a trip with Mumbai to Pune cabs promises more than just beautiful scenery; there’s a culinary treasure trove just waiting to be discovered. Plenty of restaurants and dhabas along the highway entice drivers with their mouth watering smells and expansive menus.

Expressway Food Plaza, Khopoli

Travellers looking for a varied gastronomic experience will find paradise at this stylish food mall along the highway. There are plenty of diverse choices under one roof in the food plaza, from quick bites to regional specialties. Savour a juicy hamburger from a well-known fast-food chain or a steaming hot dosa or idli from the South Indian stand. Try the delectable misal pav or the well-liked vada pav, two of the regional Maharashtrian delicacies.

La Boulangere Bakery, Lonavala

Without making a visit to the well-known La Boulangere Bakery in Lonavala, no culinary trail between Mumbai and Pune is complete. For those with a sweet craving, this little bakery is heaven, with a huge selection of freshly made pastries, cakes and breads.

Their famous buttery and flaky croissants are a must-try, ideal for indulging in a delicious treat while enjoying the breathtaking views of the hill station. With their real French pastries, La Boulangere Bakery promises to delight even the most discriminating palates with everything from rich chocolate éclairs to delicate macarons.

Dhabas on the Old Mumbai-Pune Highway

Take a diversion down the ancient Mumbai-Pune highway for a real flavour of the highway cuisine culture. A series of rustic dhabas here provide delicious food that have been refined over many years. Amar Singh Da Dhaba serves the fabled butter chicken, whose thick, creamy sauce is a homage to the chef’s talent. Savour Babaji Da Dhaba’s spicy mutton keema, whose spices linger long after the dinner is ended.

Lonavala’s Gem: Kinara Dhaba

Tucked away in the charming village of Lonavala, the Kinara Dhaba is a culinary treasure that draws guests from all around. Meat enthusiasts must try their speciality, the juicy chicken kalmi kebab. But aromatic dal tadka and paneer tikka masala will please vegetarians. This dhaba is unique along the culinary route because of its lively atmosphere and kind service.

Toni Daa Dhaba: A Culinary Adventure

To the daring diner, Toni Daa Dhaba provides a unique and thrilling experience. Explore their unusual cuisine, which includes duck vindaloo, quail curry and emu masala, and go outside of your comfort zone. For anyone looking to push the limits of their gastronomic adventures and taste new items that will make an impact, this dhaba is a real treasure.

Wrapping Up

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