First Online Cricket Betting: Legality and Tutorial in 2022

Online Cricket Betting in India – Legal and Tutorial

Betting in India started gaining popularity as early as the 18th century. And in the 19th century, when cricket was first brought here, betting was at its peak. It was then that the first piece of legislation regulating gambling in India, The Public Gambling Act of 1867, appeared. 

The bet itself is the amount of money a player wishes to increase. The bet can be won or lost depending on whether the bettor succeeds in picking the team that wins. However, this is only one type of bet, and there are a huge number of them.

The Legality of Cricket Betting in India

As mentioned above, the governing document in India is The Public Gambling Act of 1867. This legislation prohibits the operation and operation of gambling establishments that are located within the country. This means that no such organization can be set up, and if an organization is set up, then it must be operating illegally. Those who visit underground gambling establishments are also subject to the law. 

However, in the 21st century, with so many gadgets around, and with almost everyone having a phone and a computer, the 1867 law is outdated. Today’s sports bookmakers are based outside India’s borders and provide their services to customers online. In this case, the bookmaker is not subject to the laws of the country due to the fact that the headquarters is in another country and the customers do not visit the gambling establishments directly. The internet has allowed today’s betting enthusiasts to circumvent the law. 

How to Start Betting on Cricket in India?

The most popular sport for betting on cricket in India is undoubtedly cricket. It is recognised as a national sport here. Over a billion people live in this country and every one of them knows about cricket. Moreover, many are associated with the national sport in one way or the other: some watch the broadcasts, some play and some place bets. Many cricket bookies are competing for customers and thereby creating huge competition in the betting market. 

It is because of this popularity that more and more people are getting involved in cricket betting. Everyone wants to know how to place their first bet on the sport. 

Tutorial: How to Make the First Bet

  1. Find a decent bookmaker. For that, you need to study the market of cricket bookies‘ offers. For that, read the news, study the official websites of the bookies, read reviews and critiques, etc.;
  2. Choose which matches you want to bet on. International or national, upcoming or live matches, etc.;
  3. Go to the official website or app. Find the official site in the search bar of your browser, and the app depending on your operating system. For iOS in the App Store, and for Android, you can find the link on the cricket bookie’s website;
  4. Find the right match. It all depends on your desires. For the most part, this was described in point 2;
  5. Place a bet. Click on the odds near the team you think will be the winner. There is usually a separate menu on websites where you have to enter the bet amount and confirm it. 


Cricket betting is extremely popular in India today.

We hope you found our article useful. Our instruction on how to place your first cricket bet will help many newbies, but don’t forget that each of the steps has a few more sub-steps. We wish you good luck and an enjoyable playing experience!


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