Fail-Proof Tips On How To Brighten Up Your Rental When It Receives Less Natural Light

Let’s be honest: Everyone wants a room with a lot of natural light. Many even fantasize waking up to a flood of light coming through their window.After all,opening the eyesin a well-lit room canoffera great start to your day, apart fromboosting your energy.

However, it isn’t always easy to get what you want. You should be content with what you have and must make the most of it. That means even if you live in a room rent in Bangalorethat receives less natural light, you shouldtry to brightenyour space up with design adjustments and smart lighting.

But how do you do all of that? Well, these easy tips here will show you the way. Read on—

  • Use light-coloured furniture

One of the best ways you can create a brighter space is to choose light-coloured furniture. We know what you are thinking—light-coloured furniture can be an easy magnet for dirt and stains. Trust us, this isn’t always true!

Even if the furniture gets dirty, there is no dearth of easy home cleaning tipsonline. If, however, you lack the time,patience, and skill required for cleaning, you can seek professional assistance. 

Also, which one would you prefer? A constant dark space without any breathing room or a light-filled spacethat looks inviting?If you would prefer the latter, then don’t be afraid to toss a couple of light coloured furniture into your living space.

  • Decorate using mirrors

Even if there are fewer windows in your house, you cancreate an illusion that thespace receives a lot of natural light. You can trick the brain by installing mirrors in everyroom so they can makeyou believe that your househas gotwindows that allow abundant light.

Mirrors can also help make your rooms appear bigger. This means that you won’t feel trapped or claustrophobic in your house. Mirrors are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Meaning, the options are endless and you can experiment with them to improve the look of your living space.

  • Light colours are ideal for your walls

Light colours for walls can create a brighter atmosphere, just as light-coloured furniture can fill up a room with positivity. Even if you don’t have any natural light in your room, havinglight-coloured walls will make itappearbigger and brighter.

It is said that the colour of your walls affects your attitude towards your daily life. We are 100% in agreement with this. According to psychology, the colour you choose for your walls can have a profound effect on how you feel about waking up each morning or how you spend your time in a particular room.

You can also use a light-coloured background to host virtual meetings.

  • Use internal glazing

You don’t have to settle for traditional solid dividers when you are trying to break up a room. You can have a clear view from any side of the room by installing glass partitions.

Although it’s a partition,it willpreventthe divided space from appearing too small or restrictive. This way, your living space will not feel cramped or suffocative. You don’t just make your space look bigger by using it, you also enhance its aesthetic appeal. The glass dividers also allow installed lights to pass through every part of the room. Even if you don’t have windows, this is one way that your space can remain bright and beautiful. However, install internal glazing only to divide rooms that don’t require extreme privacy.

  • Brighten the space withlighting

Artificial light is a great way to brighten up your space without the need to have large windows.

You can start by putting up a ceiling or wall main light.Next, you can add accents like lamps or cove lighting to enhance the atmosphere. If you are looking to offer a warm, cosy feel to your room, you can look for inspirations online.

  • Use plants for decoration

Sometimes, a darkened room can seem lifeless and boring. Beautiful plants in colorful planters will ensure that your living space doesn’t feel this way.

By being careful while choosing plants for your home, you can make them serve a dual purpose: decoration and function. But make sureyour plants don’t require direct sunlight. Also, consider the colours of your plants. For a bright and cheery room, choose beautiful plants with flowers in colourslike red, and yellow.

  • Contrast it with black

After you have put up all the elements necessary to brighten up your room, you will need a contrast to bring out your walls and light-coloured furniture. So, use black as an accent.

It could be a small design on a wall, or paint accents on drawers and cabinets. You might also want to match the colour of certain items for added fun.Although it may seem paradoxical, it is one of most effective ways to enhance your room’s appearance without spending a lot.

It’s time for you to brighten up yourlow-light living space

You don’t have to be unhappy if yourrental property isn’t fitted with adequate number of windows. There are many ways to make the space brighter and more comfortable without using natural light.

Whether you are looking for a single room for rent in Bangaloreor a villa in Hyderabad, followthe above-mentioned tips to create a beautiful, well-lit space. Also, the internet is your best friend for finding visual pegs. Doing some browsing will give you ideas on decorating a space that receives low natural lighting.Verisure is a leading provider of security solutions for homes and businesses. Their website provide a comprehensive range of security services including, home automation, alarm monitoring, access control and fire protection.


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