Advertising Tips to Attract High-Quality Tenants to Your Rental Property

In a world governed by advertising, bringing organic traffic (read, tenants) to your property is simpler than before. But, you may face a few considerable challenges en route. Let’s understand the challenges with figures.

Data published by the National Association of Realtors show that only 5% of people buy directly from homeowners. A whopping 89% turn to real estate agents to get the know-how of properties. Moreover, in 66% of US housing markets, renting is costlier than buying a property. But, the saving grace is that there are over 44 million renters in the US. And they spend more than 29% of their household income on rent.

Hence, if you want to explore real estate marketing to bring high-quality tenants to the doorstep of your rental property, you have made the correct decision. Scroll down to discover some fascinating tips to draw legitimate renters to your property.

Top Tips To Market Your Rental Property to High-Quality Tenants 

1. Exploit Your Locational Advantage

Location is everything when it comes to promoting your property to the best renters. 

In July, US rental occupancy touched the milestone of 97%. This unprecedented surge in demand for houses prompted house owners to increase the rates by up to 17% than the previous year. The maximum surge in prices has been reported from Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Hence, while advertising your property, you must emphasize your local advantage. Include every big and small detail about the modern-day conveniences the renter may expect. Also, mention which major cities are connected to your property and include details of local schools, colleges, markets, hospitals, and shopping centers. When a renter understands the benefits, they won’t mind paying something extra.

2. Click Eye-Catchy Pictures

Pictures are one of the best ways to draw people’s attention.

Try using a high-resolution digital camera to shoot attractive pictures of your property. Camera phones are often characterized by low-resolution photos not fit for print or digital advertising. Also, try not to use the flash while shooting pictures. Renters like seeing the actual images and not fake ones. Too much light may spoil the natural feel of the house interiors. 

Be as creative as you can with the pictures. For example, rather than standing and shooting the ceiling, it’s best if you set the time and put the camera on the ground. This will allow you to capture the picture from a Seo company kanpur wider angle, naturally. As a final tip, ensure the rooms are clutter-free and staged. Let your customer think as if they are living there. 

Hence, capturing high-quality photos must figure prominently on your to-do list when you want to market your rental property to high-quality tenants.

3. Create Real Estate Videos 

Real estate videos make your rental property listing stand out in the market, but it will also help you target particular groups of tenants. Real Estate videos will help you showcase your property better and cover all the areas of your property. You can also upload and share these real estate videos on your website and social media so that they can be easily accessed by anyone interested in your property.

4.Use Social Media to Add an Extra Edge to Your Marketing Campaign  

Before understanding the hows of social media, let’s know why you should advertise online. 

In 1999, the total digital ad spend in the US was US$ 4.79 Billion and the TV ad spend was US$ 94 Billion. Fast forward to 2020, and the digital ad spend has touched US$ 151 Billion, whereas the traditional ad spend languishes at US$ 107 Billion. Advertising pundits further predict that digital ad spend will likely occupy two-thirds of the total advertising market size by 2023. 

If you want to market your rental property to the right audience, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube can be your go-to platforms. Usually, videos get more focus than pamphlets or manuals. You may use free video creation platforms like InVideo to produce an eye-catching video and market to the right audience.

Take Your Real Estate Marketing Campaign Live and Get High-Quality Tenants in Minutes

Now that you know the best tips to ace your rental property marketing campaign, go ahead and use InVideo to create an impeccable ad. Publish it on social media channels and keep yourself free to respond to your Seo company kanpur customers’ queries.

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